Continuous Phase Modulation With Faster-than-Nyquist Signaling for Channels With 1-bit Quantization and Oversampling at the Receiver

by   Rodrigo R. M. de Alencar, et al.

Continuous phase modulation (CPM) with 1-bit quantization at the receiver is promising in terms of energy and spectral efficiency. In this study, CPM waveforms with symbol durations significantly shorter than the inverse of the signal bandwidth are proposed, termed faster-than-Nyquist CPM. This configuration provides a better steering of zero-crossings as compared to conventional CPM. Numerical results confirm a superior performance in terms of BER in comparison with state-of-the-art methods, while having the same spectral efficiency and a lower oversampling factor. Moreover, the new waveform can be detected with low-complexity, which yields almost the same performance as using the BCJR algorithm.



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