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Continual Learning in Recurrent Neural Networks with Hypernetworks

by   Benjamin Ehret, et al.
ETH Zurich

The last decade has seen a surge of interest in continual learning (CL), and a variety of methods have been developed to alleviate catastrophic forgetting. However, most prior work has focused on tasks with static data, while CL on sequential data has remained largely unexplored. Here we address this gap in two ways. First, we evaluate the performance of established CL methods when applied to recurrent neural networks (RNNs). We primarily focus on elastic weight consolidation, which is limited by a stability-plasticity trade-off, and explore the particularities of this trade-off when using sequential data. We show that high working memory requirements, but not necessarily sequence length, lead to an increased need for stability at the cost of decreased performance on subsequent tasks. Second, to overcome this limitation we employ a recent method based on hypernetworks and apply it to RNNs to address catastrophic forgetting on sequential data. By generating the weights of a main RNN in a task-dependent manner, our approach disentangles stability and plasticity, and outperforms alternative methods in a range of experiments. Overall, our work provides several key insights on the differences between CL in feedforward networks and in RNNs, while offering a novel solution to effectively tackle CL on sequential data.


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