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Continual Learning from Demonstration of Robotic Skills

by   Sayantan Auddy, et al.

Methods for teaching motion skills to robots focus on training for a single skill at a time. Robots capable of learning from demonstration can considerably benefit from the added ability to learn new movements without forgetting past knowledge. To this end, we propose an approach for continual learning from demonstration using hypernetworks and neural ordinary differential equation solvers. We empirically demonstrate the effectiveness of our approach in remembering long sequences of trajectory learning tasks without the need to store any data from past demonstrations. Our results show that hypernetworks outperform other state-of-the-art regularization-based continual learning approaches for learning from demonstration. In our experiments, we use the popular LASA trajectory benchmark, and a new dataset of kinesthetic demonstrations that we introduce in this paper called the HelloWorld dataset. We evaluate our approach using both trajectory error metrics and continual learning metrics, and we propose two new continual learning metrics. Our code, along with the newly collected dataset, is available at


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