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Context-Aware Image Inpainting with Learned Semantic Priors

by   Wendong Zhang, et al.

Recent advances in image inpainting have shown impressive results for generating plausible visual details on rather simple backgrounds. However, for complex scenes, it is still challenging to restore reasonable contents as the contextual information within the missing regions tends to be ambiguous. To tackle this problem, we introduce pretext tasks that are semantically meaningful to estimating the missing contents. In particular, we perform knowledge distillation on pretext models and adapt the features to image inpainting. The learned semantic priors ought to be partially invariant between the high-level pretext task and low-level image inpainting, which not only help to understand the global context but also provide structural guidance for the restoration of local textures. Based on the semantic priors, we further propose a context-aware image inpainting model, which adaptively integrates global semantics and local features in a unified image generator. The semantic learner and the image generator are trained in an end-to-end manner. We name the model SPL to highlight its ability to learn and leverage semantic priors. It achieves the state of the art on Places2, CelebA, and Paris StreetView datasets.


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