Context agnostic trajectory prediction based on λ-architecture

by   Evangelos Psomakelis, et al.

Predicting the next position of movable objects has been a problem for at least the last three decades, referred to as trajectory prediction. In our days, the vast amounts of data being continuously produced add the big data dimension to the trajectory prediction problem, which we are trying to tackle by creating a λ-Architecture based analytics platform. This platform performs both batch and stream analytics tasks and then combines them to perform analytical tasks that cannot be performed by analyzing any of these layers by itself. The biggest benefit of this platform is its context agnostic trait, which allows us to use it for any use case, as long as a time-stamped geolocation stream is provided. The experimental results presented prove that each part of the λ-Architecture performs well at certain targets, making a combination of these parts a necessity in order to improve the overall accuracy and performance of the platform.


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