Content Generation for Workforce Training

by   Holly Rushmeier, et al.

Efficient workforce training is needed in today's world in which technology is continually changing the nature of work. Students need to be prepared to enter the workforce. Employees need to become lifelong learners to stay up-to-date in their work and to adapt when job functions are eliminated. The training needs are across all industries - including manufacturing, construction, and healthcare. Computing systems, in particular Virtual/Augmented Reality systems, have been adopted in many training application and show even more promise in the future. However, there are fundamental limitations in today's systems that limit the domains where computing systems can be applied and the extent to which they can be deployed. These limitations need to be addressed by new computing research. In particular research is needed at multiple levels: - Application Data Collection Level Requiring High Security and Privacy Protections - Training Material Authoring Level - Software Systems Level - Hardware Level To accomplish these research goals, a training community needs to be established to do research in end-to-end training systems and to create a community of learning and domain experts available for consulting for in depth computing research on individual system components.



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