Content-Based Spam Filtering on Video Sharing Social Networks

by   Antonio da Luz, et al.

In this work we are concerned with the detection of spam in video sharing social networks. Specifically, we investigate how much visual content-based analysis can aid in detecting spam in videos. This is a very challenging task, because of the high-level semantic concepts involved; of the assorted nature of social networks, preventing the use of constrained a priori information; and, what is paramount, of the context dependent nature of spam. Content filtering for social networks is an increasingly demanded task: due to their popularity, the number of abuses also tends to increase, annoying the user base and disrupting their services. We systematically evaluate several approaches for processing the visual information: using static and dynamic (motionaware) features, with and without considering the context, and with or without latent semantic analysis (LSA). Our experiments show that LSA is helpful, but taking the context into consideration is paramount. The whole scheme shows good results, showing the feasibility of the concept.



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