Constructing multi-modality and multi-classifier radiomics predictive models through reliable classifier fusion

10/04/2017 ∙ by Zhiguo Zhou, et al. ∙ 0

Radiomics aims to extract and analyze large numbers of quantitative features from medical images and is highly promising in staging, diagnosing, and predicting outcomes of cancer treatments. Nevertheless, several challenges need to be addressed to construct an optimal radiomics predictive model. First, the predictive performance of the model may be reduced when features extracted from an individual imaging modality are blindly combined into a single predictive model. Second, because many different types of classifiers are available to construct a predictive model, selecting an optimal classifier for a particular application is still challenging. In this work, we developed multi-modality and multi-classifier radiomics predictive models that address the aforementioned issues in currently available models. Specifically, a new reliable classifier fusion strategy was proposed to optimally combine output from different modalities and classifiers. In this strategy, modality-specific classifiers were first trained, and an analytic evidential reasoning (ER) rule was developed to fuse the output score from each modality to construct an optimal predictive model. One public data set and two clinical case studies were performed to validate model performance. The experimental results indicated that the proposed ER rule based radiomics models outperformed the traditional models that rely on a single classifier or simply use combined features from different modalities.



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