Constrained Motion Planning Networks X

10/17/2020 ∙ by Ahmed H. Qureshi, et al. ∙ 0

Constrained motion planning is a challenging field of research, aiming for computationally efficient methods that can find a collision-free path connecting a given start and goal by transversing zero-volume constraint manifolds for a given planning problem. These planning problems come up surprisingly frequently, such as in robot manipulation for performing daily life assistive tasks. However, few solutions to constrained motion planning are available, and those that exist struggle with high computational time complexity in finding a path solution on the manifolds. To address this challenge, we present Constrained Motion Planning Networks X (CoMPNetX). It is a neural planning approach, comprising a conditional deep neural generator and discriminator with neural gradients-based fast projections to the constraint manifolds. We also introduce neural task and scene representations conditioned on which the CoMPNetX generates implicit manifold configurations to turbo-charge any underlying classical planner such as Sampling-based Motion Planning methods for quickly solving complex constrained planning tasks. We show that our method, equipped with any constrained-adherence technique, finds path solutions with high success rates and lower computation times than state-of-the-art traditional path-finding tools on various challenging scenarios.



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