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Constrained Differentially Private Federated Learning for Low-bandwidth Devices

by   Raouf Kerkouche, et al.

Federated learning becomes a prominent approach when different entities want to learn collaboratively a common model without sharing their training data. However, Federated learning has two main drawbacks. First, it is quite bandwidth inefficient as it involves a lot of message exchanges between the aggregating server and the participating entities. This bandwidth and corresponding processing costs could be prohibitive if the participating entities are, for example, mobile devices. Furthermore, although federated learning improves privacy by not sharing data, recent attacks have shown that it still leaks information about the training data. This paper presents a novel privacy-preserving federated learning scheme. The proposed scheme provides theoretical privacy guarantees, as it is based on Differential Privacy. Furthermore, it optimizes the model accuracy by constraining the model learning phase on few selected weights. Finally, as shown experimentally, it reduces the upstream and downstream bandwidth by up to 99.9 learning, making it practical for mobile systems.


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