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Consistent Dialogue Generation with Self-supervised Feature Learning

by   Yizhe Zhang, et al.

Generating responses that are consistent with the dialogue context is one of the central challenges in building engaging conversational agents. In this paper, we propose a neural conversation model that generates consistent responses by maintaining certain features related to topics and personas throughout the conversation. Unlike past work that requires external supervision such as user identities, which are often unavailable or classified as sensitive information, our approach trains topic and persona feature extractors in a self-supervised way by utilizing the natural structure of dialogue data. Moreover, we adopt a binary feature representation and introduce a feature disentangling loss which, paired with controllable response generation techniques, allows us to promote or demote certain learned topics and personas features. The evaluation result demonstrates the model's capability of capturing meaningful topics and personas features, and the incorporation of the learned features brings significant improvement in terms of the quality of generated responses on two datasets, even comparing with model which explicit persona information.


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