Considerations and Challenges of Measuring Operator Performance in Telepresence and Teleoperation Entailing Mixed Reality Technologies

by   Eleftherios Triantafyllidis, et al.

Assessing human performance in robotic scenarios such as those seen in telepresence and teleoperation has always been a challenging task. With the recent spike in mixed reality technologies and the subsequent focus by researchers, new pathways have opened in elucidating human perception and maximising overall immersion. Yet with the multitude of different assessment methods in evaluating operator performance in virtual environments within the field of HCI and HRI, inter-study comparability and transferability are limited. In this short paper, we present a brief overview of existing methods in assessing operator performance including subjective and objective approaches while also attempting to capture future technical challenges and frontiers. The ultimate goal is to assist and pinpoint readers towards potentially important directions with the future hope of providing a unified immersion framework for teleoperation and telepresence by standardizing a set of guidelines and evaluation methods.


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