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Connectors meet Choreographies

by   Farhad Arbab, et al.

We present Cho-Reo-graphies (CR), a new language model that unites two powerful programming paradigms for concurrent software based on communicating processes: Choreographic Programming and Exogenous Coordination. In CR, programmers specify the desired communications among processes using a choreography, and define how communications should be concretely animated by connectors given as constraint automata (e.g., synchronous barriers and asynchronous multi-casts). CR is the first choreography calculus where different communication semantics (determined by connectors) can be freely mixed; since connectors are user-defined, CR also supports many communication semantics that were previously unavailable for choreographies. We develop a static analysis that guarantees that a choreography in CR and its user-defined connectors are compatible, define a compiler from choreographies to a process calculus based on connectors, and prove that compatibility guarantees deadlock-freedom of the compiled process implementations.


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