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Connectives in Quantum and other Cumulative Logics

by   Daniel Lehmann, et al.
Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Cumulative logics are studied in an abstract setting, i.e., without connectives, very much in the spirit of Makinson's early work. A powerful representation theorem characterizes those logics by choice functions that satisfy a weakening of Sen's property alpha, in the spirit of the author's "Nonmonotonic Logics and Semantics" (JLC). The representation results obtained are surprisingly smooth: in the completeness part the choice function may be defined on any set of worlds, not only definable sets and no definability-preservation property is required in the soundness part. For abstract cumulative logics, proper conjunction and negation may be defined. Contrary to the situation studied in "Nonmonotonic Logics and Semantics" no proper disjunction seems to be definable in general. The cumulative relations of KLM that satisfy some weakening of the consistency preservation property all define cumulative logics with a proper negation. Quantum Logics, as defined by Engesser and Gabbay are such cumulative logics but the negation defined by orthogonal complement does not provide a proper negation.


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