CoNet: Borderless and decentralized server cooperation in edge computing

by   Ning Li, et al.

In edge computing (EC), by offloading tasks to edge server or remote cloud, the system performance can be improved greatly. However, since the traffic distribution in EC is heterogeneous and dynamic, it is difficult for an individual edge server to provide satisfactory computation service anytime and anywhere. This issue motivated the researchers to study the cooperation between edge servers. The previous server cooperation algorithms have disadvantages since the cooperated region is limited within one-hop. However, the performance of EC can be improved further by releasing the restriction of cooperation region. Even some works have extended the cooperated region to multi-hops, they fail to support the task offloading which is one of the core issues of edge computing. Therefore, we propose a new decentralized and borderless server cooperation algorithm for edge computing which takes task offloading strategy into account, named CoNet. In CoNet, the cooperation region is not limited. Each server forms its own basic cooperation unit (BCU) and calculates its announced capability based on BCU. The server's capability, the processing delay, the task and calculation result forwarding delay are considered during the calculation. The task division strategy bases on the real capability of host-server and the announced capability of cooperation-servers. This cooperation process is recursive and will be terminated once the terminal condition is satisfied. The simulation results demonstrate the advantages of CoNet over previous works.


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