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Conditioning and Sampling in Variational Diffusion Models for Speech Super-resolution

by   Chin-Yun Yu, et al.

Recently, diffusion models (DMs) have been increasingly used in audio processing tasks, including speech super-resolution (SR), which aims to restore high-frequency content given low-resolution speech utterances. This is commonly achieved by conditioning the network of noise predictor with low-resolution audio. In this paper, we propose a novel sampling algorithm that communicates the information of the low-resolution audio via the reverse sampling process of DMs. The proposed method can be a drop-in replacement for the vanilla sampling process and can significantly improve the performance of the existing works. Moreover, by coupling the proposed sampling method with an unconditional DM, i.e., a DM with no auxiliary inputs to its noise predictor, we can generalize it to a wide range of SR setups. We also attain state-of-the-art results on the VCTK Multi-Speaker benchmark with this novel formulation.


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