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Concurrence-Aware Long Short-Term Sub-Memories for Person-Person Action Recognition

by   Xiangbo Shu, et al.

Recently, Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM) has become a popular choice to model individual dynamics for single-person action recognition due to its ability of modeling the temporal information in various ranges of dynamic contexts. However, existing RNN models only focus on capturing the temporal dynamics of the person-person interactions by naively combining the activity dynamics of individuals or modeling them as a whole. This neglects the inter-related dynamics of how person-person interactions change over time. To this end, we propose a novel Concurrence-Aware Long Short-Term Sub-Memories (Co-LSTSM) to model the long-term inter-related dynamics between two interacting people on the bounding boxes covering people. Specifically, for each frame, two sub-memory units store individual motion information, while a concurrent LSTM unit selectively integrates and stores inter-related motion information between interacting people from these two sub-memory units via a new co-memory cell. Experimental results on the BIT and UT datasets show the superiority of Co-LSTSM compared with the state-of-the-art methods.


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