CoNCRA: A Convolutional Neural Network Code Retrieval Approach

by   Marcelo de Rezende Martins, et al.

Software developers routinely search for code using general-purpose search engines. However, these search engines cannot find code semantically unless it has an accompanying description. We propose a technique for semantic code search: A Convolutional Neural Network approach to code retrieval (CoNCRA). Our technique aims to find the code snippet that most closely matches the developer's intent, expressed in natural language. We evaluated our approach's efficacy on a dataset composed of questions and code snippets collected from Stack Overflow. Our preliminary results showed that our technique, which prioritizes local interactions (words nearby), improved the state-of-the-art (SOTA) by 5 3 (three) positions by almost 80 promising and can improve the efficacy of semantic code retrieval.



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This repository contains the implementations of our experiments and our approach presented in the paper: CoNCRA: A Convolutional Neural Network Code Retrieval Approach

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