Concerns and Limitations in Agile Software Development: A Survey with Paraguayan Companies

by   Myrian R. N. Salinas, et al.

This year, the Agile Manifesto completes seventeen years and, throughout the world, companies and researchers seek to understand their adoption stage, as well as the benefits, barriers, and limitations of agile methods. Although we have some studies and questionnaire data at the global level, we know little about how the Paraguayan software community is adopting agile methods. The present work conducted a research to set up the current stage of adoption, initial concerns and barriers of implementation of agile methods in software development companies in Paraguay. An online survey was sent to representatives of 53 Paraguayan companies. Of these, 9 (17 about adopting more agile methods (44.44 reliability in product quality if developed using agile methods. The main barrier was the lack of experience (66.66



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