Conceptualization and Framework of Hybrid Intelligence Systems

12/11/2020 ∙ by Nikhil Prakash, et al. ∙ 26

As artificial intelligence (AI) systems are getting ubiquitous within our society, issues related to its fairness, accountability, and transparency are increasing rapidly. As a result, researchers are integrating humans with AI systems to build robust and reliable hybrid intelligence systems. However, a proper conceptualization of these systems does not underpin this rapid growth. This article provides a precise definition of hybrid intelligence systems as well as explains its relation with other similar concepts through our proposed framework and examples from contemporary literature. The framework breakdowns the relationship between a human and a machine in terms of the degree of coupling and the directive authority of each party. Finally, we argue that all AI systems are hybrid intelligence systems, so human factors need to be examined at every stage of such systems' lifecycle.



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