Computing Markov functions of Toeplitz matrices

by   Bernhard Beckermann, et al.

We investigate the problem of approximating the matrix function f(A) by r(A), with f a Markov function, r a rational interpolant of f, and A a symmetric Toeplitz matrix. In a first step, we obtain a new upper bound for the relative interpolation error 1-r/f on the spectral interval of A. By minimizing this upper bound over all interpolation points, we obtain a new, simple and sharp a priori bound for the relative interpolation error. We then consider three different approaches of representing and computing the rational interpolant r. Theoretical and numerical evidence is given that any of these methods for a scalar argument allows to achieve high precision, even in the presence of finite precision arithmetic. We finally investigate the problem of efficiently evaluating r(A), where it turns out that the relative error for a matrix argument is only small if we use a partial fraction decomposition for r following Antoulas and Mayo. An important role is played by a new stopping criterion which ensures to automatically find the degree of r leading to a small error, even in presence of finite precision arithmetic.



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