Computational multiphase periporomechanics for unguided cracking in unsaturated porous media

by   Shashank Menon, et al.

In this article we formulate and implement a computational multiphase periporomechanics model for unguided fracturing in unsaturated porous media. The same governing equation for the solid phase applies on and off cracks. Crack formation in this framework is autonomous, requiring no prior estimates of crack topology. As a new contribution, an energy-based criterion for arbitrary crack formation is formulated using the peridynamic effective force state for unsaturated porous media. Unsaturated fluid flow in the fracture space is modeled in a simplified way in line with the nonlocal formulation of unsaturated fluid flow in bulk. The formulated unsaturated fracturing periporomechanics is numerically implemented through a fractional step algorithm in time and a two-phase mixed meshless method in space. The two-stage operator split converts the coupled periporomechanics problem into an undrained deformation and fracture problem and an unsaturated fluid flow in the deformed skeleton configuration. Numerical simulations of in-plane open and shear cracking are conducted to validate the accuracy and robustness of the fracturing unsaturated periporomechanics model. Then numerical examples of crack branching and non-planar cracking in unsaturated soil specimens are presented to demonstrate the efficacy of the proposed multiphase periporomechanics model for unguided cracking in unsaturated porous media.


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