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Computational Cost Reduction in Learned Transform Classifications

by   Emerson Lopes Machado, et al.

We present a theoretical analysis and empirical evaluations of a novel set of techniques for computational cost reduction of classifiers that are based on learned transform and soft-threshold. By modifying optimization procedures for dictionary and classifier training, as well as the resulting dictionary entries, our techniques allow to reduce the bit precision and to replace each floating-point multiplication by a single integer bit shift. We also show how the optimization algorithms in some dictionary training methods can be modified to penalize higher-energy dictionaries. We applied our techniques with the classifier Learning Algorithm for Soft-Thresholding, testing on the datasets used in its original paper. Our results indicate it is feasible to use solely sums and bit shifts of integers to classify at test time with a limited reduction of the classification accuracy. These low power operations are a valuable trade off in FPGA implementations as they increase the classification throughput while decrease both energy consumption and manufacturing cost.


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