Computation Bits Maximization in a Backscatter Assisted Wirelessly Powered MEC Network

by   Liqin Shi, et al.

In this paper, we introduce a backscatter assisted wirelessly powered mobile edge computing (MEC) network, where each edge user (EU) can offload task bits to the MEC server via hybrid harvest-then-transmit (HTT) and backscatter communications. In particular, considering a practical non-linear energy harvesting (EH) model and a partial offloading scheme at each EU, we propose a scheme to maximize the weighted sum computation bits of all the EUs by jointly optimizing the backscatter reflection coefficient and time, active transmission power and time, local computing frequency and execution time of each EU. By introducing a series of auxiliary variables and using the properties of the non-linear EH model, we transform the original non-convex problem into a convex one and derive closedform expressions for parts of the optimal solutions. Simulation results demonstrate the advantage of the proposed scheme over benchmark schemes in terms of weighted sum computation bits.



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