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Computability of the Zero-Error Capacity of Noisy Channels

by   Holger Boche, et al.

Zero-error capacity plays an important role in a whole range of operational tasks, in addition to the fact that it is necessary for practical applications. Due to the importance of zero-error capacity, it is necessary to investigate its algorithmic computability, as there has been no known closed formula for the zero-error capacity until now. We show that the zero-error capacity of noisy channels is not Banach-Mazur computable and therefore not Borel-Turing computable. We also investigate the relationship between the zero-error capacity of discrete memoryless channels, the Shannon capacity of graphs, and Ahlswede's characterization of the zero-error-capacity of noisy channels with respect to the maximum error capacity of 0-1-arbitrarily varying channels. We will show that important questions regarding semi-decidability are equivalent for all three capacities. So far, the Borel-Turing computability of the Shannon capacity of graphs is completely open. This is why the coupling with semi-decidability is interesting. We further show that the Shannon capacity of graphs is Borel-Turing computable if and only if the maximum error capacity of 0-1 arbitrarily varying channels is Borel-Turing computable. Finally, we show that the average error capacity of 0-1 arbitrarily varying channels is Borel-Turing computable.


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