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Comprehensive systematic review into combinations of artificial intelligence, human factors, and automation

by   Reza Khani-Shekarab, et al.

Artificial intelligence (AI)-based models used to improve different fields including healthcare, and finance. One of the field that receive advantages of AI is automation. However, it is important to consider human factors in application of AI in automation. This paper reports on a systematic review of the published studies used to investigate the application of AI in PM. This comprehensive systematic review used ScienceDirect to identify relevant articles. Of the 422 articles found, 40 met the inclusion and exclusion criteria and were used in the review. Selected articles were classified based on categories of human factors and areas of application. The results indicated that application of AI in automation with respect to human factors could be divided into three areas of physical ergonomics, cognitive ergonomic and organizational ergonomics. The main areas of application in physical and cognitive ergonomics are including transportation, User experience, and human-machine interactions.


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