Compositional Verification of Compiler Optimisations on Relaxed Memory

by   Mike Dodds, et al.

A valid compiler optimisation transforms a block in a program without introducing new observable behaviours to the program as a whole. Deciding which optimisations are valid can be difficult, and depends closely on the semantic model of the programming language. Axiomatic relaxed models, such as C++11, present particular challenges for determining validity, because such models allow subtle effects of a block transformation to be observed by the rest of the program. In this paper we present a denotational theory that captures optimisation validity on an axiomatic model corresponding to a fragment of C++11. Our theory allows verifying an optimisation compositionally, by considering only the block it transforms instead of the whole program. Using this property, we realise the theory in the first push-button tool that can verify real-world optimisations under an axiomatic memory model.



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