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Composite Metrics for Network Security Analysis

by   Simon Yusuf Enoch, et al.
University of Canterbury

Security metrics present the security level of a system or a network in both qualitative and quantitative ways. In general, security metrics are used to assess the security level of a system and to achieve security goals. There are a lot of security metrics for security analysis, but there is no systematic classification of security metrics that are based on network reachability information. To address this, we propose a systematic classification of existing security metrics based on network reachability information. Mainly, we classify the security metrics into host-based and network-based metrics. The host-based metrics are classified into metrics “without probability" and "with probability", while the network-based metrics are classified into "path-based" and "non-path based". Finally, we present and describe an approach to develop composite security metrics and it's calculations using a Hierarchical Attack Representation Model (HARM) via an example network. Our novel classification of security metrics provides a new methodology to assess the security of a system.


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