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Complexity Thresholds in Inclusion Logic

by   Miika Hannula, et al.

Logics with team semantics provide alternative means for logical characterization of complexity classes. Both dependence and independence logic are known to capture non-deterministic polynomial time, and the frontiers of tractability in these logics are relatively well understood. Inclusion logic is similar to these team-based logical formalisms with the exception that it corresponds to deterministic polynomial time in ordered models. In this article we examine connections between syntactical fragments of inclusion logic and different complexity classes in terms of two computational problems: maximal subteam membership and the model checking problem for a fixed inclusion logic formula. We show that very simple quantifier-free formulae with one or two inclusion atoms generate instances of these problems that are complete for (non-deterministic) logarithmic space and polynomial time. Furthermore, we present a fragment of inclusion logic that captures non-deterministic logarithmic space in ordered models.


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