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Complex-valued deep learning with differential privacy

by   Alexander Ziller, et al.

We present ζ-DP, an extension of differential privacy (DP) to complex-valued functions. After introducing the complex Gaussian mechanism, whose properties we characterise in terms of (ε, δ)-DP and Rényi-DP, we present ζ-DP stochastic gradient descent (ζ-DP-SGD), a variant of DP-SGD for training complex-valued neural networks. We experimentally evaluate ζ-DP-SGD on three complex-valued tasks, i.e. electrocardiogram classification, speech classification and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) reconstruction. Moreover, we provide ζ-DP-SGD benchmarks for a large variety of complex-valued activation functions and on a complex-valued variant of the MNIST dataset. Our experiments demonstrate that DP training of complex-valued neural networks is possible with rigorous privacy guarantees and excellent utility.


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