Complex spectrogram enhancement by convolutional neural network with multi-metrics learning

04/27/2017 ∙ by Szu-Wei Fu, et al. ∙ 0

This paper aims to address two issues existing in the current speech enhancement methods: 1) the difficulty of phase estimations; 2) a single objective function cannot consider multiple metrics simultaneously. To solve the first problem, we propose a novel convolutional neural network (CNN) model for complex spectrogram enhancement, namely estimating clean real and imaginary (RI) spectrograms from noisy ones. The reconstructed RI spectrograms are directly used to synthesize enhanced speech waveforms. In addition, since log-power spectrogram (LPS) can be represented as a function of RI spectrograms, its reconstruction is also considered as another target. Thus a unified objective function, which combines these two targets (reconstruction of RI spectrograms and LPS), is equivalent to simultaneously optimizing two commonly used objective metrics: segmental signal-to-noise ratio (SSNR) and logspectral distortion (LSD). Therefore, the learning process is called multi-metrics learning (MML). Experimental results confirm the effectiveness of the proposed CNN with RI spectrograms and MML in terms of improved standardized evaluation metrics on a speech enhancement task.



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