Complete 3D Scene Parsing from Single RGBD Image

by   Chuhang Zou, et al.

Inferring the location, shape, and class of each object in a single image is an important task in computer vision. In this paper, we aim to predict the full 3D parse of both visible and occluded portions of the scene from one RGBD image. We parse the scene by modeling objects as detailed CAD models with class labels and layouts as 3D planes. Such an interpretation is useful for visual reasoning and robotics, but difficult to produce due to the high degree of occlusion and the diversity of object classes. We follow the recent approaches that retrieve shape candidates for each RGBD region proposal, transfer and align associated 3D models to compose a scene that is consistent with observations. We propose to use support inference to aid interpretation and propose a retrieval scheme that uses convolutional neural networks (CNNs) to classify regions and retrieve objects with similar shapes. We demonstrate the performance of our method compared with the state-of-the-art on our new NYUd v2 dataset annotations which are semi-automatically labelled with detailed 3D shapes for all the objects.


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