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Compiling Arguments in an Argumentation Framework into Three-valued Logical Expressions

by   Sosuke Moriguchi, et al.

In this paper, we propose a new method for computing general allocators directly from completeness conditions. A general allocator is an abstraction of all complete labelings for an argumentation framework. Any complete labeling is obtained from a general allocator by assigning logical constants to variables. We proved the existence of the general allocators in our previous work. However, the construction requires us to enumerate all complete labelings for the framework, which makes the computation prohibitively slow. The method proposed in this paper enables us to compute general allocators without enumerating complete labelings. It also provides the solutions of local allocation that yield semantics for subsets of the framework. We demonstrate two applications of general allocators, stability, and a new concept for frameworks, termed arity. Moreover, the method, including local allocation, is applicable to broad extensions of frameworks, such as argumentation frameworks with set-attacks, bipolar argumentation frameworks, and abstract dialectical frameworks.


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