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Competency Tracking for English as a Second or Foreign Language Learners

by   Robert Bishop Jr, et al.

My system utilizes the outcomes feature found in Moodle and other learning content management systems (LCMSs) to keep track of where students are in terms of what language competencies they have mastered and the competencies they need to get where they want to go. These competencies are based on the Common European Framework for (English) Language Learning. This data can be available for everyone involved with a given student's progress (e.g. educators, parents, supervisors and the students themselves). A given student's record of past accomplishments can also be meshed with those of his classmates. Not only are a student's competencies easily seen and tracked, educators can view competencies of a group of students that were achieved prior to enrollment in the class. This should make curriculum decision making easier and more efficient for educators.


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