Comparing System Dynamics and Agent-Based Simulation for Tumour Growth and its Interactions with Effector Cells

by   Grazziela P. Figueredo, et al.

There is little research concerning comparisons and combination of System Dynamics Simulation (SDS) and Agent Based Simulation (ABS). ABS is a paradigm used in many levels of abstraction, including those levels covered by SDS. We believe that the establishment of frameworks for the choice between these two simulation approaches would contribute to the simulation research. Hence, our work aims for the establishment of directions for the choice between SDS and ABS approaches for immune system-related problems. Previously, we compared the use of ABS and SDS for modelling agents' behaviour in an environment with nomovement or interactions between these agents. We concluded that for these types of agents it is preferable to use SDS, as it takes up less computational resources and produces the same results as those obtained by the ABS model. In order to move this research forward, our next research question is: if we introduce interactions between these agents will SDS still be the most appropriate paradigm to be used? To answer this question for immune system simulation problems, we will use, as case studies, models involving interactions between tumour cells and immune effector cells. Experiments show that there are cases where SDS and ABS can not be used interchangeably, and therefore, their comparison is not straightforward.


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