Comparative Study of ECO and CFNet Trackers in Noisy Environment

by   Mustansar Fiaz, et al.

Object tracking is one of the most challenging task and has secured significant attention of computer vision researchers in the past two decades. Recent deep learning based trackers have shown good performance on various tracking challenges. A tracking method should track objects in sequential frames accurately in challenges such as deformation, low resolution, occlusion, scale and light variations. Most trackers achieve good performance on specific challenges instead of all tracking problems, hence there is a lack of general purpose tracking algorithms that can perform well in all conditions. Moreover, performance of tracking techniques has not been evaluated in noisy environments. Visual object tracking has real world applications and there is good chance that noise may get added during image acquisition in surveillance cameras. We aim to study the robustness of two state of the art trackers in the presence of noise including Efficient Convolutional Operators (ECO) and Correlation Filter Network (CFNet). Our study demonstrates that the performance of these trackers degrades as the noise level increases, which demonstrate the need to design more robust tracking algorithms.


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