Como o Game Design Pode Incentivar o Comportamento Tóxico em Jogos Online

by   Clara Andrade Pimentel, et al.

Toxic behavior is one of the problems most associated with the gaming community. Reports of hate speech and anti-gaming behavior are common in many online multiplayer games. Many studies address this area, focusing on players and, principally, on the content and its negative impact on the community. However, it is possible that other factors influence the toxicity. In this article, we investigate how game design elements influence toxic behavior, using toxic disinhibition factors as a basis for the analysis. For this, four of the main games of the MOBA genre were analyzed with the support of the MDA Framework and a questionnaire with players. The results show that most players suffered offenses and offended other people in the game, in addition to recognizing MOBA as the genre that generates the most impatience among them. Furthermore, we raise and discuss different elements and mechanics in games that impact the well-being of the community through the individualization of the player, elimination of solidarities, and affirmation of indifference towards toxic behavior. With this, we hope to help game developers and communities to promote integration dynamics.


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