Community Detection with Graph Neural Networks

05/23/2017 ∙ by Joan Bruna, et al. ∙ 0

We study data-driven methods for community detection in graphs. This estimation problem is typically formulated in terms of the spectrum of certain operators, as well as via posterior inference under certain probabilistic graphical models. Focusing on random graph families such as the Stochastic Block Model, recent research has unified these two approaches, and identified both statistical and computational signal-to-noise detection thresholds. We embed the resulting class of algorithms within a generic family of graph neural networks and show that they can reach those detection thresholds in a purely data-driven manner, without access to the underlying generative models and with no parameter assumptions. The resulting model is also tested on real datasets, requiring less computational steps and performing significantly better than rigid parametric models.



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Implementation of the paper "Community Detection with Graph Neural Networks", by J. Bruna and L. Li

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