Community Detection Clustering via Gumbel Softmax

by   Deepak Bhaskar Acharya, et al.

Recently, in many systems such as speech recognition and visual processing, deep learning has been widely implemented. In this research, we are exploring the possibility of using deep learning in community detection among the graph datasets. Graphs have gained growing traction in different fields, including social networks, information graphs, the recommender system, and also life sciences. In this paper, we propose a method of community detection clustering the nodes of various graph datasets. We cluster different category datasets that belong to Affiliation networks, Animal networks, Human contact networks, Human social networks, Miscellaneous networks. The deep learning role in modeling the interaction between nodes in a network allows a revolution in the field of science relevant to graph network analysis. In this paper, we extend the gumbel softmax approach to graph network clustering. The experimental findings on specific graph datasets reveal that the new approach outperforms traditional clustering significantly, which strongly shows the efficacy of deep learning in graph community detection clustering. We do a series of experiments on our graph clustering algorithm, using various datasets: Zachary karate club, Highland Tribe, Train bombing, American Revolution, Dolphins, Zebra, Windsurfers, Les Misérables, Political books.



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