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Communication Efficient Federated Learning for Generalized Linear Bandits

by   Chuanhao Li, et al.

Contextual bandit algorithms have been recently studied under the federated learning setting to satisfy the demand of keeping data decentralized and pushing the learning of bandit models to the client side. But limited by the required communication efficiency, existing solutions are restricted to linear models to exploit their closed-form solutions for parameter estimation. Such a restricted model choice greatly hampers these algorithms' practical utility. In this paper, we take the first step to addressing this challenge by studying generalized linear bandit models under a federated learning setting. We propose a communication-efficient solution framework that employs online regression for local update and offline regression for global update. We rigorously proved that, though the setting is more general and challenging, our algorithm can attain sub-linear rate in both regret and communication cost, which is also validated by our extensive empirical evaluations.


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