Commonsense Knowledge in Wikidata

08/18/2020 ∙ by Filip Ilievski, et al. ∙ 0

Wikidata and Wikipedia have been proven useful for reason-ing in natural language applications, like question answering or entitylinking. Yet, no existing work has studied the potential of Wikidata for commonsense reasoning. This paper investigates whether Wikidata con-tains commonsense knowledge which is complementary to existing commonsense sources. Starting from a definition of common sense, we devise three guiding principles, and apply them to generate a commonsense subgraph of Wikidata (Wikidata-CS). Within our approach, we map the relations of Wikidata to ConceptNet, which we also leverage to integrate Wikidata-CS into an existing consolidated commonsense graph. Our experiments reveal that: 1) albeit Wikidata-CS represents a small portion of Wikidata, it is an indicator that Wikidata contains relevant commonsense knowledge, which can be mapped to 15 ConceptNet relations; 2) the overlap between Wikidata-CS and other commonsense sources is low, motivating the value of knowledge integration; 3) Wikidata-CS has been evolving over time at a slightly slower rate compared to the overall Wikidata, indicating a possible lack of focus on commonsense knowledge. Based on these findings, we propose three recommended actions to improve the coverage and quality of Wikidata-CS further.



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