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Commitment capacity of classical-quantum channels

by   Masahito Hayashi, et al.
Southern University of Science & Technology
Indian Statistical Instiute, Kolkata

We study commitment scheme for classical-quantum channels. To accomplish this we define various notions of commitment capacity for these channels and prove matching upper and lower bound on it in terms of the conditional entropy. Our achievability (lower bound) proof is quantum generalisation of the work of one of the authors (arXiv:2103.11548) which studied the problem of secure list decoding and its application to bit-string commitment. The techniques we use in the proof of converse (upper bound) is similar in spirit to the techniques introduced by Winter, Nascimento and Imai (Cryptography and Coding 2003) to prove upper bound on the commitment capacity of classical channels. However, generalisation of this technique to the quantum case is not so straightforward and requires some new constructions, which can be of independent interest.


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