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COMET: A Domain-Specific Compilation of High-Performance Computational Chemistry

by   Erdal Mutlu, et al.

The computational power increases over the past decades havegreatly enhanced the ability to simulate chemical reactions andunderstand ever more complex transformations. Tensor contractions are the fundamental computational building block of these simulations. These simulations have often been tied to one platform and restricted in generality by the interface provided to the user. The expanding prevalence of accelerators and researcher demands necessitate a more general approach which is not tied to specific hardware or requires contortion of algorithms to specific hardware platforms. In this paper we present COMET, a domain-specific programming language and compiler infrastructure for tensor contractions targeting heterogeneous accelerators. We present a system of progressive lowering through multiple layers of abstraction and optimization that achieves up to 1.98X speedup for 30 tensor contractions commonly used in computational chemistry and beyond.


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