Combining Task-level and System-level Scheduling Modes for Mixed Criticality Systems

by   Jalil Boudjadar, et al.

Different scheduling algorithms for mixed criticality systems have been recently proposed. The common denominator of these algorithms is to discard low critical tasks whenever high critical tasks are in lack of computation resources. This is achieved upon a switch of the scheduling mode from Normal to Critical. We distinguish two main categories of the algorithms: system-level mode switch and task-level mode switch. System-level mode algorithms allow low criticality (LC) tasks to execute only in normal mode. Task-level mode switch algorithms enable to switch the mode of an individual high criticality task (HC), from low (LO) to high (HI), to obtain priority over all LC tasks. This paper investigates an online scheduling algorithm for mixed-criticality systems that supports dynamic mode switches for both task level and system level. When a HC task job overruns its LC budget, then only that particular job is switched to HI mode. If the job cannot be accommodated, then the system switches to Critical mode. To accommodate for resource availability of the HC jobs, the LC tasks are degraded by stretching their periods until the Critical mode exhibiting job complete its execution. The stretching will be carried out until the resource availability is met. We have mechanized and implemented the proposed algorithm using Uppaal. To study the efficiency of our scheduling algorithm, we examine a case study and compare our results to the state of the art algorithms.


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