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Combined A*-Ants Algorithm: A New Multi-Parameter Vehicle Navigation Scheme

by   Hojjat Salehinejad, et al.

In this paper a multi-parameter A*(A- star)-ants based algorithm is proposed in order to find the best optimized multi-parameter path between two desired points in regions. This algorithm recognizes paths, according to user desired parameters using electronic maps. The proposed algorithm is a combination of A* and ants algorithm in which the proposed A* algorithm is the prologue to the suggested ant based algorithm .In fact, this A* algorithm invigorates some paths pheromones in ants algorithm. As one of implementations of this method, this algorithm was applied on a part of Kerman city, Iran as a multi-parameter vehicle navigator. It finds the best optimized multi-parameter direction between two desired junctions based on city traveler parameters. Comparison results between the proposed method and ants algorithm demonstrates efficiency and lower cost function results of the proposed method versus ants algorithm.


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