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Colouring the sculpture through corresponding area from 2D to 3D with augmented reality

by   Yaozhong Zhang, et al.

With the development of 3D modelling techniques and AR techniques, the traditional methods of establishing 2D to 3D relation is no longer sufficient to meet the demand for complex models and rapid relation building. This dissertation presents a prototype development implemented that creating many- to-many correspondences by marking image and 3D model regions that can be used to colouring 3D model by colouring image for the end user. After comparing the three methods in the conceptual design, I chose the creating render textures relation to further development by changing to Zeus bust model and connecting the AR environment. The results of testing each part of the prototype shows the viability of the creating render textures relation method. The advantages of it are easy to build many-to-many relations and adaptable for any model with properly UV mapping. But there are still three main limitations and future work will focus on solving them, building a database to store relation information data and printing 3D coloured models in real world.


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