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Collecting MIB Data from Network Managed by SNMP using Multi Mobile Agents

by   Nisreen Madi, et al.

Network anomalies are destructive to networks. Intrusion detection systems monitor network component behavior to detect unusual activity (i.e., possible threats). Application-layer Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) has been used for decades via TCP/IP protocol to manage network devices. Raw data security evaluation in intrusion detection incurs latency in detection. Management Information Base (MIB) combined with SNMP is a solution for this, the traditional approach of SNMP is centralized. Thus, rendering it unreliable and non-adaptive to network changes when it comes to distributed network. In distributed network, using single or multiple light Mobile Agents are an optimal solution for data gathering as they can move from one source node to another, executing naturally at each. This helps complete tasks without increasing the network overheads, and contributes to decreasing latency


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