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Collaborating Robotics Using Nature-Inspired Meta-Heuristics

by   M. A. El-Dosuky, et al.

This paper introduces collaborating robots which provide the possibility of enhanced task performance, high reliability and decreased. Collaborating-bots are a collection of mobile robots able to self-assemble and to self-organize in order to solve problems that cannot be solved by a single robot. These robots combine the power of swarm intelligence with the flexibility of self-reconfiguration as aggregate Collaborating-bots can dynamically change their structure to match environmental variations. Collaborating robots are more than just networks of independent agents, they are potentially reconfigurable networks of communicating agents capable of coordinated sensing and interaction with the environment. Robots are going to be an important part of the future. Collaborating robots are limited in individual capability, but robots deployed in large numbers can represent a strong force similar to a colony of ants or swarm of bees. We present a mechanism for collaborating robots based on swarm intelligence such as Ant colony optimization and Particle swarm Optimization


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