Cognitive Radio Networks: An Information Theoretic Perspective

by   Mojtaba Vaezi, et al.
Princeton University

Information-theoretic limits of cognitive radio networks have been under exploration for more than a decade. Although such limits are unknown for many networks, including the simplest case with two pairs of transmitter-receiver, there are several cases for which the capacity limits are obtained either exactly or up to a constant gap. The goal of this chapter is to provide insights into the nature of transmission techniques associated with optimal communication when cognitive radio technology is used. emphasis on 5G networks. Outlining the state of the art in the information-theoretic analysis of different cognitive systems, we highlight the salient features/points of the capacity-achieving or capacity-approaching strategies that should be considered in wireless network design paradigms based on this technology. In particular, we emphasize the interaction of cognitive radio with emerging technologies for 5G networks.


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