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Cognitive factor forming an individual constituent in a driver model inferred from multiplicatory relationships between cognitive sub-factors

by   Firas Lethaus, et al.

In order to reproduce human behaviour in dynamic traffic situations, a computational representation of the requisite mental processes used to carry out the complex driving tasks is required. A single cognitive factor has been developed and forms a crucial component in our driver model. This cognitive factor is composed of cognitive sub-factors: distraction, anticipation, stress, and strain. It has been defined such that these sub-factors have a multiplicatory relationship with one another. In addition, each of these sub-factors comprises the visual, auditory, tactile-kinetic, and verbal information channel individually. This results in a lattice-like network of relationships, which can be expanded modularly in horizontal and vertical directions. The conceptual topology and the characteristics of this multiplicatory, operation-based cognitive factor are presented.


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